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The Hanze University of Applied Sciences is one of the Founding Fathers of the 5Groningen programme creating a 5G Living Lab and 5-6 5G Fieldlabs in the Province of Groningen. 5G is the next generation mobile communications currently being developed. The living lab and field labs support development and testing of innovative products and services exploiting the potential of 5G. These products and services cover the domains of smart energy, smart health, smart mobility, smart farming, smart region, and smart campus. The lectorate is single point of contact for the 5Groningen programme within Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

We are participating in a Interreg Vb project aimed at supporting SMEs to make better use of ICT. The project focuses on Industry 4.0: the use of smart production technology for the manufacturing industry.

Entrepreneurial students in technology
In her PhD. research, Eti de Vries develops learning modules aimed at developing a more entrepeneurial mindset for students in technology education.

Within the Intereg IVb project ITRACT, new solutions for smart mobility are being developed, mostly for rural areas. Most of today's mobility information services use static data such as timetables and route planners. The assumption in this project, however, is that smarter information servicescould be offered if dynamic data is being used, such as delays, traffic jams, detours, and current mobility demand. Based on such information, more flexible and adequate mobility services could be offered, improving the accessibility of rural areas. This project addresses the following questions:

  • What are user requirements? How do we get innovative input from future users who don't know what is possible?
  • What should the IT architecture be like to combine dynamic with static data in an environment with multiple stakeholders?
  • What are the experiences in pilot situations with new, smarter mobility concepts?
  • What is the impact of smart mobility on rural development?
The lectorate is lead partner for this project.

The Interreg IIIb project E-Clic developed eight centers for collaboration and innovation in the North Sea Region in the domain of broadband media services.



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