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Development of an optimal business model for biogas intallations by and for farmers.

Development of a service concept combining (electrical) car sharing and renewable energy. The project optimises charging locationa and car sharing base locations given user preferences and actually measured mobility patterns.

Contribution to the FlexihHeat project of Cetner of Expertise on Energy. This contribution focuses on developing viable business models for a multi-commodity (heat, electricity) business ecosystem.

Sustainable Nieuwolda
The village of Nieuwolda aims to be the most sustainable community in the Netherlands. This project creates model houses for experiencing sustainable living, i.e. low energy footprint and independent living. Domotica forms a substantial part of the selected approach.

The ambition of the project i-Balance is to balance decentralisedconsumption and production of energy. This includes not only the flexible integration of renewable energy sources, but also the balancing of supply and demand. The lectorate contributes on IT and business model aspects.

Development of a data platform that hosts relevant data on actual supply and usage from energy management systems. The data can be used for modelling and testing new energy management solution.

The current energy market consists of many different stakeholders who coexist in a certain equilibrium in a business ecosystem. The participants in the business ecosystem interact by providing each other business and information services. The transition to more renewable energy sources will disturb the current equilibrium and create a new business ecosystem. The PhD research conducted in this project develops methodology for determining new viable business ecosystems, i.e., what new ecosystems are feasible in which all stakeholders have a viable business model.

New, renewable energy sources are more erratic in their supply of energy than traditional energy sources. Efficient exploitation of these sources of energy require smarter supply and demand management in the network (the grid). The . Flexines project developed information systems for creating a smart grid.

Local Energy Cooperatives
Metsens and the Hanze University are looking into the technical and commercial feasability and benefits of creating local cooperatives of small, local producers of energy using alternative energy production facilities such as wind mills, solar panels, bio gas, and micor CHP. This project is sponsored in part by the province of Drenthe (Innovatief Actieprogramma Drenthe).

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